Adding To Driveway

Adding to a customers driveway

Here we are adding a turnaround to an existing driveway. The existing drive came in off of the street just past the house and then made a left and made a parking area. This customer wanted to add to the driveway to continue around to the left and reconnect to the entrance. There also is a big tree in this area, and they wanted the drive to extend up to the tree were they have brick and decorative stone placed.

Getting Started

We started off by mapping out the new section and laying out Geotextile to keep the vegetation from growing through the stone and to keep the stone from just sinking into the ground.

Bringing in the stone

I started this job on a Friday morning, I first went and picked up the first of several loads of #2 stone, at this time all we have is the dump trailer which can only hold three tons at a time. By the time I laid out the Geotextile fabric and getting two loads of stone, it was getting late in the day to get anymore stone. At this point I decided to start spreading stone on the fabric to help hold it in place.The next morning I had help from my wife, we went together to get another load of #2 stone then returned to the job. After dumping the load I got on the skid loader to spread the stone and sent my wife off to get another load. This worked out really well, by the time I got the stone spread she arrives with the next load. The stone yard closes at 5:00 PM so we worked on this job until 5:00. After 3 loads of #2’s and 4 loads of #304 stone we finished for the day. I still had 2 loads of #304 that I didn’t get spread, so I returned to the job Sunday to spread what was left. The stone yard is closed on Sunday. After spreading what we had on site the driveway was still low in the middle.

At that point I stopped for the day. On Monday the yard opened at 8:00 AM. I went to the stone yard and picked up another load of #304. I retuned to the job and dumped the load in the low area and moved the truck and trailer out of the way and stated to level out the driveway. I also graded the old parts of the driveway to reclaim the edges that had grown over. Then cleaned up around the edges and finished up. The job turned out really well. After driving on it for awhile this all will smooth out and get really hard.