Building a 1900 foot Driveway

Building a 1900 Foot Driveway

One of the biggest projects to date.

Started the grade work as far as you can see in both directions. This is going to take awhile. Will be installing three culverts along this one and will end up where the house will be built.

Troubles during the start up

Found out that there is a major sink hole after starting to add stone. We had to dig out what we put in and had to add what is called surge stone.  It is a large stone to create a base on a very wet clay. Then we added Type ‘C’ which is a 2″ stone down to dust. This will tighten things up so we can get the heavy trucks in and out.

Moving Forward

After getting the sink hot taken care of, we started to make progress. Here we are grading the ground and laying out the Geotextile cloth. Getting it ready for new stone delivery.

After some rain things get a little sticky but the work must go on.

Made it to the half way and getting more stone deliveries and MORE rain. We dug out some ditches to get rid of the standing water.

Getting the ground dried up and compacted. Laying more ground cloth.

Spreading more base stone.

Installing the culverts.

After installing the culvers we got more rain. I don’t mind the rain but it makes working in dirt kind of messy. LOL!

Grading the home stretch. Whoo Hoo!

Laying more ground cloth and adding stone.

My wife Amy bring in more stone with the GMC and dump trailer.

Cleaning up the edges and getting rid of the excess dirt.

Then we compacted the entire driveway. Now it will be ready for the top layer of stone.