Building a Gravel Pad for a New Greenhouse

Building a gravel pad for a greenhouse


Getting the ground ready

At this location the ground sloped of from one corner of the pad to the opposing corner about a foot. We dug out the high side six inches down and had to fill the other corner to be level all across the pad. Here we have dug out the far left corner and laid the Geotextile.



Bringing in the stone

After that we started bringing in the stone. I had to dump the stone along the drive in front of the pad due to a drain pipe. We didn’t want to crush the pipe. Below is a photo of some stone that we hauled in for the job.



Leveling the pad

Now that we had the stone on site, it was time to get it spread out on the pad and to build up the low side.



Once the pad was leveled out we cleaned up the edge where the stone was dumped. So there is a little dirt mixed in with the gravel at that end, but the customer is very pleased with his new pad.