Fire Starter

How to use fire starter

Below are some photos with a discription of each step. This fire starter is so easy to use and works very well.


This is what I started with. A fire ring with snow in it…


First lay a couple logs on the bottom.


Then lay two logs on top leaving a space for the fire starter.


Take a SMALL handful of fire starter and place it on the lower log and between the two upper logs.


Take an ordinary lighter or match and light the fire starter.


Add a few logs over top of the fire starter leaving an air gap for the fire to get going. Let the fire burn for about 15 to 20 minutes to get all of the logs burning.


After about 20 minutes the logs will be burning and you can stack more logs around the fire.


This is about 30 minutes after first starting the fire starter.


Here we are 45 minutes into it after first starting the fire starter. This stuff is great and will be included with our bundle fire wood.

These are 1 cubic foot bags and there are about 10 to 15 pieces in each bag. This is premium bark free hard wood. I will add enough fire starter to start three fires, just so you have plenty to start your fires with.