New Shed Pad

Pad install

Today we are laying a new pad for a shed. There was a big tree in the corner of where this pad is going. The tree was taken down and the stump ground out, as you can see there is a big pile of wood chips that will have to be removed. With the Case 1830 I started to dig out the corner where the pad is to be placed.

After digging out all of the wood chips, the ground sloped off by about a foot, so we started out with some #4’s to build a base and get the pad leveled out. The pad needs to be 2” higher at the highest point and level across the entire 14’ x 24’. We dumped the first load of #4’s on the low side as you can see here, then started to grade it out. We added another load of #4’s to get the pad up to subgrade,

then started with some #411’s for the finish grade it took three loads of #411 to cover the entire pad. The old Case is working out great. We will be getting a few more attachments for this machine to make this type of work even easier, and better.