Skid Steer

Hello everyone. We have added a Skid Steer to the business. This will be helpful in so many ways, not only loading our dump trailer but also collecting firewood.  I plan to get a few attachments for it to aid in several possesses. We will now be offering to do small jobs with this machine. 

We will now be doing things such as gravel driveway repairs, New driveways, Yard repairs. With the addition of a grapple we will be able to move logs, and clean up brush from fallen trees and storm damage. This is the first of other equipment that we plan to add to the business. We got a reasonable deal on this from an auction house up in New York. I was on the auction site just browsing at the equipment. Evrything was going for anywhere from $8,000 to $30,000 and more, so I did not expect to win any bids. I didn’t have that much to spend  LOL. Well to make a long story shorter, I through out a bid on this with no intentions of winning. Then all of a sudden I was high bidder and I had won the bid.  Well I guess we are headed to New York then..  My wife and I loaded up the truck, hooked up the trailer and headed out for New York. This is after they loaded it for us at the auction house. We drove up on a Sunday and Spent the night, then got up early and headed to the Auction house. We paid for the Skid Steer then headed home. The old GMC towed it like a dream. The round trip was 1140 miles. We stopped to eat a few times on the way up, then again on the way back. We were singing and laughing the whole trip.  I love our trips together, we always have fun..