Using Firewood in the Summer

Think firewood only ever gets used in the winter months? Think again! Because every summer that passes more and more people are looking to buy firewood to use in the summer months. But what are they actually doing with it?

Here are the some popular ways people are using firewood in the summer.

Wood fired pizza ovens

In recent years Wood fired pizza ovens have become very popular. Now that they’re becoming increasingly popular in the domestic market. Type ‘wood fired pizza ovens’ into a search engine and you’ll find dozens of online stores selling them.

The best firewood to use in a wood fired pizza oven is well seasoned wood. The logs need to be very dry to allow the oven to reach a very high temperature, around 400 degrees, because it ensures the pizza flavor isn’t coved by excessive tastes of smoke.

Fire pits

Fire pits have become a popular feature in the back gardens and patios of people looking to bring an experience to their outside space.

There’s no doubting that fire pits offer a captivating focal point for outdoor enjoyment with friends and family. Using Ready To Burn seasoned firewood to bring your fire pit to life will have you blissfully dancing around it well into the evening!


A chiminea is an essential accessory to any stylish patio. It’s an outdoor fireplace where the fire is contained from within. Yet while they’ve grown in popularity in recent years they’ve actually been around for centuries! Their origins date back to the 16th and 17th centuries where chefs in small Mexican villages used them as for elevated cooking outdoors.

The best way to fire up your chiminea is to grab a handful of kindling and light, then when there’s enough energy in the fire, start building it up with your well seasoned firewood until your chiminea is roaring away.


Who doesn’t love a good campfire? They bring warmth, happiness and good memories, that’s for certain! Kids eagerly poke their marshmallow sticks into it while the guitar is getting tuned up for a sing-along. It’s a great pastime that’s for sure!

While hunting for scavenged wood might seem like fun at the time, sadly the chances are it won’t be seasoned, and your camp fire dream could literally go up in a puff of black smoke. It’s just another reason why we get so many campers stopping at there local firewood supplier when they’re on their way to the camp site.